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celebration2-126 ifosudbible ifosudtractor IMG_0453 Farmer who couldn't plant his field until IFOSuD helped him till his soil. The market. Our volunteers provide hands-on training out in the fields, teaching basic planting, harvesting, and soil/plant care methods. Staff: Maxene, Imelda, Josue, John, Guerlot, Marc-nes New beans vs. old beans. IMG_0060 IMG_0026

Plant a seed. Grow a nation.

Welcome to IFOSuD

We are a non-denominational Christian non-profit organization based in Leogane, Haiti, empowering families through sustainable ag-based projects. This is a truly unique ministry.

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The first set of micro-loans are being paid off. The beneficiaries who had completed the necessary requirements received loans the beginning of this year. To the farmers a bag of seed was given, to the livestock beneficiaries a pregnant goat was given, and to the small business owners a small cash loan was given. Loans are very hard to come by, and our beneficiaries take the process very seriously. In fact, we have a tremendous pay back rate of 85%!


Read the stories of some of our beneficiaries and see how IFOSuD has impacted them and their families:


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Why Haiti?

God gave Josue, a native Haitian, a heart for his country. Faced with natural disasters, voo-doo, and high poverty rates, Haiti is in desperate need of an intervention. Filled with fertile soils and people willing to move out of complacency when given the chance, Haiti was the perfect place to start IFOSuD.